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          1. The princess diaries《公主日记》1 精讲之四

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            GUPTA: The phone's ringing off the hook.

            MIA: What?! Oh!

            O'CONNELL: Mia, your mother's on her way.

            GUPTA: Gupta. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. The queen is coming to Grove High School.

            SUKI: A limo with flags!

            MALE REPORTER: A Genovian limousine has arrived. The queen is getting out.

            MAN: Your Majesty.

            SUKI: Why all the secrets? All we keep hearing is ''No comment. No comment.'' Do you have a comment?

            MAN: Your Majesty—

            MALE REPORTER: Will you be visiting the White House?

            MALE REPORTER: Are you taking the princess home?

            MIA: Mom, I don't know who told on me.

            CLARISSE: We'll get to the bottom of this.

            GUPTA: Here's your tea, Your Majesty. I'm sorry we don't have finer china.

            CLARISSE: That’s perfectly all right.

            GUPTA: Here.

            CLARISSE: Joseph?

            JOE: Speak.

            MIA: Paolo?

            PAOLO: Majesty, it was I who told the press about the princess, about you. I outed you. So to speak. I don't mean to imply--

            JOE: Grazie. Prego.

            PAOLO: But not for money, Principessa. Paolo hates money. He spits on money. There was no money. Well, there was some money. After all, a man like me, each ring is--The point is, it was pride and ego who drove me to know that royalty would see one day the beauty was mine! The hair was mine! That I, Paolo Puttanesca, was responsible for--

            JOE: Grazie. Prego.

            PAOLO: By the way, your hair--magnificent. The next time, we go a little lighter?

            MALE REPORTER: Your Highness, would you like to say anything?

            GUPTA: Isn’t that just awful? Doesn't anyone respect royalty anymore? What is it like in Genovia, Your Majesty? Do people just fawn over you?

            CLARISSE: I wonder, would you give us a moment alone?

            GUPTA: I’m the vice-principal.

            CLARISSE: Joseph, would you take this fine educator and show her your security plans for Amelia’s safety?

            JOE: What? Ah, yes, of course. Of course. Yes.

            GUPTA: Your Majesty, thank you.

            JOE: Your security system is a bit lax.

            GUPTA: Oh, is it?

            HELEN: A week ago, Mia was a normal little kid.

            CLARISSE: She has never been normal. She was born royal. And we cope with the press every single day and we will do it again.

            HELEN: You don't have to do this. You can get out of this whole thing right now.

            CLARISSE: Your mother is right, Amelia. We had a bargain.

            MIA: All right. I will think about it and let you know soon.

            CLARISSE: Good. A diplomatic answer. Polite, but vague.

            趣话佳句  ,活学活用

            1. Ring off the hook

            Ring off the hook 的意思是“电话铃声响个一直”  ,例如:The box office phones were ringing off the hook all day.

            2. Tell on

            Tell on 这里的意思是“give away information about somebody(usually if they are doing something wrong) 告密某人”  ,例如:Marjorie said she'd tell on him if he pulled her hair again.

            3. Get to the bottom of

            Get to the bottom of something  ,也就是“弄清事情的真相”(有没有打破砂锅问到“底”的感受呢)  ,我们来看个例子:He was determined to get to the bottom of the problem.

            4. Out

            Out 在这里可是个动词 ,意思就是“To be disclosed or revealed; come out 揭破  ,袒露  ,宣布” ,例如:Truth will out. 真相会明白的 。

            5. So to speak

            我们在诠释一件事情的时间经常会用到的口头禅“这么说吧 ,例如说吧”  ,就是so to speak ,例如:He was, so to speak, the head of the family, although he was only related by marriage to most of the family members.

            6. Spit on

            Spit on 的本意是“向……吐唾沫”  ,借以表现“对……藐视”  ,例如 She spits on money. 她看不起钱 。

            7. Fawn over

            意思是“捧臭脚 ,讨好某人以获得利益” ,例如:She fawned over the inspectors in the hope that they would give her a good grade.

            8. Cope with

            Cope with 在这里的意思是“敷衍 ,处置惩罚  ,应付” ,例如:I'm afraid I can't cope with this problem.