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        1. The princess diaries《公主日记》1 精讲之一

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          SPEAKER: School tours are on Saturday, young lady.

          MIA: I'm here for a meeting with my grandmother.

          SPEAKER: Name?

          MIA: Clarisse Renaldi.

          SPEAKER: Oh. Please come to the front door.

          MIA: Thank you very much.

          VOICE: Get off the grass! [Message repeated in other Languages]

          MAN1: Welcome, Miss Thermopolis. We've been expecting you.

          MIA: Oh, be careful. Please don't crush my soy nuts.

          MAN2: Your soy nuts are safe.

          MAN1: OK. Right this way. Please, make yourself comfortable.

          CHARLOTTE: ...for their daughter Marissa. She's allergic to peanuts. And we need new pillows for the Prime Minister's wife. She's allergic to goose feathers. Hello, Amelia. I'm Charlotte, from the Genovian attaché corps.

          MIA: Hi. It's nice to meet you.

          CHARLOTTE: Um, where am I? The Genovian Consulate.

          MIA: You've got pears in your flowers.

          CHARLOTTE: Genovian pears. We're famous for them. Now, if you'll sit down, she'll be with you in a moment.

          CLARISSE: No, I don't need a moment. I'm here. Amelia, I'm so glad you could come.

          MIA: Hi. You've got a great place.

          CLARISSE: Thank you. Well, let me look at you. You look so...young.

          MIA: Thank you. And you look so...clean.

          CLARISSE: Charlotte, would you go and check on tea in the garden? Please, sit.

          MIA: So, my mom said you wanted to talk to me about something. Shoot.

          CLARISSE: Oh, before I ''shoot'', I have something I want to give you. Here.

          MIA: Oh, um, thank you. Wow.

          CLARISSE: It’s the Genovian crest. It was mine when I was young. And that was my great-grandmother's.

          MIA: Heh. I'll keep this safe. I will take good care of it. Now, what did you want to tell me?

          CLARISSE: Something that I think will have a very big impact upon your Life.

          MIA: I already had braces.

          CLARISSE: No, it's bigger than orthodontia.

          CHARLOTTE: The tea is served, ma'am.

          CLARISSE: Amelia, have you ever heard of Edward Christopher Philippe Gerard Renaldi?

          MIA: No.

          CLARISSE: He was the crown prince of Genovia.

          MIA: Hmm. What about him?

          CLARISSE: Edward Christopher Philippe Gerard Renaldi was your father.

          MIA: Yeah, sure. My father was the prince of Genovia. Uh-huh. You're joking.

          CLARISSE: Why would I joke about something like that?

          MIA: No! No! Because if he's really a prince, then I--

          CLARISSE: Exactly. You're not just Amelia Thermopolis. You are Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia.

          MIA: Me? A, a princess? Shut up!

          CLARISSE: I beg your pardon? Shut up?

          MAN: Your Majesty, in America, it doesn't always mean ''Be quiet.'' Here it could mean, ''Wow,'' ''Gee whiz,'' ''Golly''--

          CLARISSE: Oh, I understand. Thank you.

          趣话佳句  ,活学活用

          1. Be allergic to

          Allergic 的意思就是“过敏性的  ,有过敏特征的  ,由过敏引起的”  ,要说“对……过敏”用 be allergic to 即可  ,例如:My son is highly allergic to penicillin (青霉素).

          另外 ,allergic 在口语中还可以表现“对……反感  ,厌恶”  ,例如:I’m allergic to the job and I really want to quit.

          2. Genovian attaché corps

          Attaché 是个法语词  ,意思是“(外交使团)的专员”  ,看来法语在Genovia照旧上流语言  。

          3. Where am I

          这句话在这里的意思是“我说道哪儿啦 ?”通常在被人打断后  ,想不起来自己适才说到那里了 ,都市说这句话  。

          4. In a moment

          意思是“一会儿 ,不久;立刻 ,马上”  ,例如:I'll be back in a moment. (我马上回来  。)

          5. Shoot

          在俚语中  ,shoot 可以表现“最先讲话” ,通常用于祈使句中  ,例如:I know you have something to tell me, so shoot!