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            视频面试 你得留意的5个制胜小细节

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              Video interviewing is slowly taking over as one of the go-tos for organizations interested in lowering recruitment costs and finding the best talent on the market.
              视频面试 ,已经徐徐成为了各大公司机构作为降低招募成本、招聘最佳员工的方式了  。

              The key for organizations and the HR professionals conducting or reviewing these video interviews is knowing what red flags to look for to separate the best job candidates from the rest of the field. Here are five things every interviewer should look out for during a video interview:
              对于举行视频面试或浏览视频录像的公司机构以及人力资源专家们 ,他们必须注意面试者的一些特殊迹象 ,以便从众多应聘者中找到最合适的人才  。那么下面就为各人先容5个特殊迹象  ,每位面试官都应该在视频面试的历程中加以关注 。

              1. 面试情况
              Take in the environment. Is it well-prepared? Has the candidate removed pictures or posters from the wall so you don’t see them? Has he organized the area around him?
              融入视频面试的情况  。视察对方身边的物品是否准备稳当  ?面试者是否已经把墙上的图片或海报都拿掉了  ?他是否把身边的区域都整理恰当  ?
              Candidates who choose not to tidy up their environments or who choose a busy environment with multiple distractions (roommates, television noise, phone ringing, etc.) are showing low levels of organization and an inability to conceptualize how small things such as these may play into the bigger picture of hireability.
              若是你的面试者们  ,无法摒挡整齐他们所在的面试情况 ,或他们选择了一个充满种种滋扰的情况(好比与室友共处一室  ,电视机的噪音  ,电话铃声等等)  ,这些都意味着这名面试者的低水平整理能力  ,以及显示了他在以小见大的情商是比力低的  。

              2.Rehearsed answers
              2. 提前演练的回覆
              It’s good to watch out for canned responses during any type of interview. While they do show a (somewhat) admirable level of preparation, they keep interviewers from obtaining insight into how candidates think on their feet.
              无论是何种类型的面试形式  ,视察一下面试者是否接纳“罐头谜底”也是很有须要的  。没错  ,应试者们确实显示了他们(有点)值得赞赏的准备  ,但也会使面试官们难以相识面试者的小我私家真实想法  。
              Since video interviewees can manipulate what’s seen on camera before starting the interview, it’s important to look out for cue cards, notebooks or other aids that might give candidates a leg up during the interview.
              虽然面试者可以在视频面试前控制好泛起在镜头前的工具  ,但面试官们也要注重面试者是否准备了提醒卡片 ,条记本或其他能够在面试历程中给予面试者提醒的物件 。
              Good candidates will be polished. They will have done their research and prepared themselves for different topics. They won’t seem like they’re afraid to elaborate on a follow-up question, and when they’re asked a question they aren’t ready for, they’ll take a moment to gather their thoughts instead of getting agitated or flustered.
              智慧的应聘者们明白润色自己  。他们会做相关观察并为自己准备多个讲话题材  。他们不会给别人留下一个畏惧诠释后续问题的印象  ,而且当他们被要求回覆一个毫无准备的问题时 ,他们会一点点时间整理自己的思绪而不是体现出坐立不安的样子  。

              3.Body language
              3. 肢体语言
              In an in-person interview, both of these can be easy to spot, but video interviews are a little more nuanced. Keep an eye out for shifting eyes that never really rest on the camera. If a candidate continuously looks to the same spot in the room, take note. He or she could have someone assisting them.
              在一场亲临现场到场的面试 ,以上两种情形都很容易就能发现  ,不外视频面试就有更细微的差异 。多用眼睛扫视一下周边的场景  ,这样就不会只把视线停留在摄影机前了  。若是应聘者总是把眼光停留在统一个位置  ,那就把这种情形记载下来 。他/她的身边可能有其他人在给提醒  。

              4.Tech issues
              4. 手艺问题
              If your candidate is in a public space with a poor connection or at home having connection problems, it shows the candidate didn’t take the time to check their connection before the interview started -- a sign of not being prepared. Sometimes connectivity issues arise that can’t be foreseen, so the key is to take these issues in stride and not disqualify a candidate without considering all the factors.
              若是你的应聘者在一个网络毗连难题的公共情况  ,或在家里  ,但泛起的网络毗连的问题 ,这就意味着  ,这位面试者在面试前没有花点时间检查网络毗连是否通畅——也就是说没有准备充实  。不外有时间泛起网络毗连问题也是毫无预兆的  ,以是要害在于顺应这种情形而不是忽略其他因素而直接作废这名面试者的资格  。

              5. 穿着
              Every hiring manager has come into contact with a candidate that just didn’t get how important their attire was to making a good impression. Either their clothes were wrinkled, they weren’t dressed appropriately or what they had on just didn’t instill confidence. Either way, it was easy to tell they weren’t the right fit.
              每位人事司理都市遇到这样的面试者:他们没有意识到着装对于留下优秀印象的主要性  。他们的衣服要么皱巴巴  ,没有穿着恰当  ,要么穿着的衣服没有突显出自信  。无论是哪种情形  ,谜底都很简朴 ,就是他们都不是合适的人选  。

              When it comes to video interviewing, the signs aren’t so obvious. Make a point of focusing on the little things during a video interview. Look for wrinkles, stains or other telltale sartorial signs the candidate isn’t taking the interview seriously.
              当这种情形泛起在视频面试时  ,这些迹象并没有那么显着  。那就需要特殊注意面试历程中的小细节 。注意衣服是否起皱了  ,是否有污点  ,或其他显示应聘者没有认真看待面试的小痕迹  。

              Keeping an eye out for these five red flags can help companies separate the wheat from the chaff during the hiring process. Not only will they help weed out candidates who aren’t taking the process seriously, but these red flags will also help ensure organizations make the most out of every video interview.
              想要从茫茫人海中筛选出最合适的人选 ,各公司都应该仔细注意以上这5个小细节  。不仅能够资助你把不及格的应聘者清除出去  ,而且还能保证公司在每次的视频面试中获得最大的收获  。